Sponsor a Dog for just €30 per year!

Sponsoring a dog is one of our main sources of income.  By Sponsoring a dog you are contributing towards the food, shelter and medication of your sponsored dog for a full year!  

When you sponsor a dog we will send you a newsletter with updates about the dog you are sponsoring.  Should the dog you are sponsoring gets adopted throughout the sponsorship, then we will transfer the sponsorship towards another dog residing at the Sanctuary.  

A full year sponsorship costs only €30.00 and we will contact you close to the date of the expiry to ask whether you wish to renew your sponsorship of the selected or another dog for the coming year. 

The quickest and easiest way to sponsor a dog is through the PAYPAL link below.  Once you have effected your payment please complete the application form below  with the name of your chosen dog and submit.  

Below are the photos and names of the dogs you can sponsor.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

If you do not have Paypal there are other ways how you can sponsor one of the dogs above by using the following means of payment:

  • IN CASH by visiting our Sanctuary in Hal Far Road, Birzebbugia.

  • BY CHEQUE:  Cheques to be sent to our postal address: AAA Sanctuary, PO Box 24, Birzebbugia and made payable to 'AAA SANCTUARY'.   Please write your name, address, email address and telephone number on the back so we can send you the receipt back.

  • THROUGH BANK TRANSFER to the following bank account/s

                       BOV Account 40024740814 

                   IBAN: MT71VALL22013000000040024740814 

                       HSBC Account 042 161794 050  

                   IBAN: MT27MMEB44428000000042161794050 

In all instances, please complete the form below and tick the method of payment you are  choosing together with the name of the dog/s.