We are always on the lookout for individuals/organisations/volunteers that wish to organise a fundra

If you with a group of friends or colleagues, or you are an organisation who wishes to organise a fundraising event in aid of our Sanctuary, please contact us on +356 79730921  or email us on info@aaamalta.com.

Some fundraising ideas to get you inspired!

  • Car Wash in aid of charity
  • Dress down office days against a donation
  • Cake Bake Sale in schools or organisations
  • Zumba or Yoga activity
  • Dog Nature walk in aid of AAA
  • Sell Merchandise on behalf of the Sanctuary
  • Make a collection at work (Collection tins available on request)
  • If you have a shop, display one of our collection tins near your cash register.
  • Buy the AAA Bookmarks as a souvenir for your special occasion.
  • Bake and sell homemade dog treats.
  • Car booth sale
  • Do a collection of unwanted items from your family and friends and donate them to the AAA Charity Shop
  • Dog grooming service and nail clipping (professional groomers only)
  • If you have a website, display one of our available banners linking your website to the AAA website to raise awareness of our mission.
  • Sponsor one or more of our dogs and encourage family and friends to do the same.
  • Pet sitting or walking services in aid of AAA.
  • Personal Training for charity.
  • Collect donations during company organised parties or functions.
  • Partner with a coffee shop or restaurant and organise a set menu event in aid of our charity.
  • Organise a raffle.
  • Host a bingo night