Volunteers are an invaluable part of our organization. Our volunteers assist us with socializing the dogs at our sanctuary, aswell as helps us with the day to day running of the premises.  

If you can’t financially afford to support a local rescue organization, volunteering your time is just as valuable. 

We do all the general work required, like cleaning, laying out of new bedding, giving medicines prescribed, take them to the vet, do rescues of new ones from the streets, and if we have some extra time we give them some much needed care and affection. 

We are also in desperate need for skilled volunteers who can help us with the upkeeping of our Sanctuary therefore if you are skilled professional in maintenance, gardening, plumming, electrician, painter, etc we would love to hear from you!  Your contribution to our cause would be indispensable.

Due to licensing restrictions we can only accept volunteers inside our Sanctuary of 16 years or over.    Anyone younger than this age will not be allowed inside our premises with our dogs, they will be only allowed in the visiting areas.

Directions to our Sanctuary:

Coming from the direction of Jobsplus to B'Bugia, our Sanctuary is located 50 metres prior to the Freeport roundabout, a white building on the right hand side.  You will see the sign on the side of the entrance.  Once you get to the gate please call us on our number or if you are driving beep the horn as we do not have a door bell installed as yet.

The address is:

AAA Sanctuary, 

Hal Far Road, 


Closest bus stop - Tal Papa

Bus Numbers - 119 or X4

If you love animals and have some time to space, then come an join our team of volunteers an make a big difference in our furry friends life!


If you are a group of friends or work colleagues that would like to join us for a volunteering activity or an organised event then please do let us know.   

We often would like to organise fundraising initiatives however due to the lack of Volunteers we tend not to, therefore we can mutually agree on project or fundraising even that will be managed by your group  during  just one day or a short period of time.  Some past activities that were organised by groups involved gardening in our Sanctuary, fund raising events such as Yoga classes, Zumba, etc, and car washing fundraisers.

Volunteers will always be very welcome to come and join us.

For volunteering we are open every day from 7.00 to 14.00 including Saturday and Sunday.   

Should you wish to volunteer at our Sanctuary, please contact us at least the day before by SMS messaging or phone call on  +356 79730921 or send us an email on info@aaamalta.com