wedding bookmarks with candle and certificate

Give an AAA Bookmark to your Guests @ your Wedding Reception

Our bookmarks are one of our main source of income and are available against a small donation.  By deciding to give our bookmarks out during your special occasion, you will be helping us with the fundraising needed to support our sanctuary and it's dogs.  

It is also a sweet and generous way to show your guests that you are an animal lover and that you care about the welfare of our dogs.

We offer 2 options to choose from as follows;

Option 1                    

We will provide you with a copy of our bookmark in pdf format which you can take to your printer/stationery for printing.  Your printer should be able to personalise this bookmark to include your names on the front should you wish.  Minimum donation requirement for this option is €50.  Printing of bookmarks is not included for this option, you would have to cover the cost of your own printing.

Option 2

We will provide you with as many printed bookmarks as you require to distribute to your guests. The bookmark will explain your kind gesture to your family and friends and they will get to take it with them as a memory of your special day.   Minimum donation required for this option is of €1.00 per bookmark.  (This book mark cannot be personalised)

We do hope that you will open your heart to our four legged friends by choosing one of the available bookmark fundraising options above for the celebration of your special day, and that you, your family and friends can be proud of your kind gesture which will allow us to continue to give our rescued dogs the much needed attention they deserve.  

To book your bookmarks or for further information about this initiative please contact us on or call us on  +356 79730921

'Giving an AAA bookmark to your guests will show that you care about the welfare of our rescued dogs