Sponsorships are one of our main sources of income. With €30 you can sponsor a dog for a year, this helps provide food, shelter and any medication costs for your sponsored dog. You can sponsor as many dogs as you like and sponsorships can be renewed after a year.

A beautiful certificate of sponsorship will be sent via email to you with high quality photos of your new friend. It includes information about your dog and how it came to be a member of the AAA . The sponsorship package will be sent via pdf for you to print  and you are more than welcome to come and visit your sponsored dog at the sanctuary during public hours. If your dog gets sponsored throughout the year you will receive a lucky charm owner certificate and be assigned a new dog!

Kindly send us an email with a picture or receipt of your payment .

Cheques can be sent to: AAA, PO Box 24 Hamrun. Kindly make cheques payable to the AAA. Please send us your email with the cheque.



AAA, PO Box 24, Birzebbugia

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday from 9:00 – 14:00

The sanctuary opens for adoptions every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 14:00

Charity shop

Funky Jumble 4 Paws, AAA Charity
Shop, Villambrosa Street, Hamrun

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Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat – 9.30 to 1.00pm
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